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Discover the Loveliness of the Adriatic ~ Aqua Delfina

From hidden coves, secluded bays, magic beaches, to majestic rocks, each destination unveils a tapestry of natural beauty. Allow the gentle sway of the waves to carry you to picturesque islands and ancient towns steeped in history. An Aqua Delfina Boat Tour is your gateway to an unforgettable exploration of Dalmatia’s Sea, breathtaking landscapes and timeless charm.

Customize your own private boat tour for your group, whether it’s a family reunion, corporate event, or a special celebration.

Enter the Sea for on an exciting adventure with a beguiling boat tour, featuring snorkeling and water activities.

Experience the beauty of Dalmatia’s Sea with our sightseeing tours, perfect for spotting local wildlife and landmarks.

Take in the stunning sunset views while enjoying a romantic and memorable Rendevouz on the crystal clear waters of Adriatic See.

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Aqua Delfina History

Speedboat Adventures

Aqua Delfina, a company and name born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, emanated from the star constellation Delphini. Fueled by a love for dolphins, the enchantment of marine life, and a wish to connect with kindred spirits, it sought to create a heaven for marine enthusiasts. More than a mere company, it symbolized affection, community, and personal growth, urging individuals to explore uncharted waters and be part of an extraordinary adventure and journey.

Boat Captain

Our bilingual Captain, fluent in English and German, ensures a seamless and immersive experience

Aqua Dolphin

The chance of meeting dolphins vary with a likelihood ranging from 50 to 80 %, depending on the location and time of year.

Summer Sunset Adventure


* max. 6 Persons, including the Skipper, Fuel and Tax/VAT


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