Aqua Delfina

Blue Lagoon between Drvenik & Krknjaš Island

Hidden away between the enchanting islands of Drvenik and Krknjaš lies the magical Blue Lagoon, a stunning geothermal spa that seems to exist in a world all its own. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in a shimmering turquoise paradise, surrounded by dramatic cliffs and verdant foliage. The mineral-rich waters are infused with healing properties that have been coveted for centuries, and those who come here can feel the restorative power of nature at work. The Blue Lagoon is a haven of serenity and beauty that transports visitors to a world of pure enchantment. As the sun sets over the Adriatic Sea, the lagoon glows with an otherworldly radiance, a sight that will stay with you forever. A visit to the Blue Lagoon is not just a journey, but a true adventure, one that you will never forget.

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The Blue Lagoon of Drvenik Island

Once a King named Nick
he loved to daily swim
in the Lagoon by Drvenik,
a Dolphin swam to him.

The Dolphin was not shy,
he made him just aware
and let him kindly try,
something he had to share.

Together they dived deep,
then, they saw a Shell,
which just seemed to sleep,
but she opened well.

Enlightening sparkling Blue,
the whole Sea far around,
don’t mind so, if it isn’t true,
a silent Pearl lied on the Ground.

Please dive and have a Look,
see if you can find,
write it in your daily Book,
just if you don’t mind.

The Pearl is shining still,
makes all Blue and Green,
maybe it’s God’s Will,
that we haven’t seen.

That Pearl from the Sea,
it praised the Light of Love,
and shows to you and me,
the Heaven all above.

Die Blaue Lagune der Insel Drvenik

Einst ein König namens Nick
liebte das Schwimmen täglich
in der Lagune Drvenik,
ein Delfin schwamm zu ihm säglich.

Der Delfin war nicht schüchtern,
er macht ihm nur bewusst,
lässt ihn versuchen nüchtern,
dass er was mitteilen musst‘.

Zu zweit tauchten sie tief,
eine Muschel zu erkunden,
es schien als ob sie schlief,
doch öffnet sich nun ungeschunden.

Erleuchtend funkelnd Blau,
das ganze Meer um sich herum,
Ist’s nicht wahr, so werd‘ nicht flau,
am Boden lag die Perle stumm.

So tauche selbst und such,
wenn du’s erkundet hast,
schreib es in dein täglich Buch,
wenn’s dir nicht fällt zur Last.

Die Perle leuchtet noch in Stille,
macht alles Blau und Grün,
vielleicht ist’s Gottes Wille,
dass wir ohne Wissen blüh’n.

Jene Perle aus dem Meer,
lässt das Licht der Liebe loben,
zeigt dir und mir so sehr,
den Himmel ganz hoch oben.

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