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Kamerlengo Castle in Trogir by Čiovo Island

Kamerlengo Castle is a 15th-century fortress located in the coastal town of Trogir, Croatia. Built by the Venetians, the castle served as a key defensive structure for the city, protecting it from invaders. The castle’s architecture is characterized by its thick walls, towers, and impressive ramparts, which still stand today. Visitors can explore the castle’s well-preserved courtyard, which offers stunning views of the surrounding area, as well as its ornate chapel, cannon collection, and informative exhibits on the fortress’s history. The castle is a popular tourist attraction and hosts various cultural events throughout the year, including concerts, exhibitions, and theater performances.


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Kamerlengo Tango

Once two Lovers very brave,
met every Day for Years,
excited, near a Cave,
loved and had no Fears.

Very young in Age,
her Father didn’t like;
he stormed in with Rage
and gave the Boy a Strike.

Forbade them then to meet,
yet, they didn’t know,
their Hearts begun to bleed,
as in a Lover’s Horror Show.

Soon, they made the Plan,
to met away from Home,
to dance secretly again,
in the Castle made of Stone.

After happily they married,
in the walls of Kamerlengo,
and all the Pain was buried,
in their Midnight Tango.

They danced for many Years,
and loved each other much;
A Love Story for Ears,
who loved their Lover’s Touch.

Kamerlengo Tango

Einst ein Liebespaar,
traf sich furchtlos jeden Tag,
aufgeregt, so Jahr für Jahr,
bei der Höhl‘, welch‘ nahe lag.

Doch sehr jung im Alter,
ihr Vater mocht‘ es nicht;
mit Wut, eiskalt war er,
schlug er den jungen Wicht.

Er verbot es nicht im Guten,
doch sie wussten so nicht gar,
Herzen fingen an zu bluten,
eine Horror Show um’s Haar.

Bald geschmiedet war der Plan,
Zusammenkunft im fernen Schrein,
wo man heimlich tanzen kann,
im Burgen Schloss aus Stein.

Mit Hochzeit sich in’s Glück begaben,
im Turm von Kamerlengo,
ihr ganzer Schmerz wurd‘ so begraben,
um Mitternacht im Tango.

Sie tanzten viele Jahr‘,                                 liebten einander mehr;
Der Ohren Liebesstück es war,                         Liebesgefühl liebten sie sehr .


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