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Lonely Little Light House on Čelice Island

The lighthouse on Čelice Island, located near Čiovo Island, is a historic structure that has been guiding ships safely through the Adriatic Sea for over 150 years. The island itself is a small, uninhabited piece of land that sits between Čiovo Island and the mainland of Croatia.

The lighthouse was built in 1874 and was initially powered by oil lamps. In 1913, it was converted to electric power and has been in continuous operation ever since. The lighthouse is a cylindrical tower that stands 10 meters tall and is made of stone. Its light shines from a height of 31 meters above sea level and can be seen from a distance of up to 18 nautical miles.

One of the most fascinating tales associated with the lighthouse involves a brave and resourceful keeper who, during a particularly violent storm, risked his own life to rescue sailors whose ship had run aground on nearby rocks. Despite the treacherous conditions, the keeper managed to reach the sailors and guide them to safety, earning him widespread acclaim and recognition for his heroism.

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The Light House of
Celice Island

A Fisherman, lost in Fog & Rain,
couldn’t longer see the Shore,
but tries so hard his best in Vain,
to save himself, but could no more.

At last he spots a little Light,
on a tiny Isle-Land,
almost lost his Life in Fight,
to reach this little Isle-Strand.

He climbs up to the Lightning House,
by Čelice at the Shores Rim ,
offers Prayers, God allows
in Gratitude for saving him.

He lives now his extended Life,
Grateful, humble through,
together with his happy Wife,
and so should all of You.

Der Leucht-Turm der
Insel Celice

Ein Fischer, verlor’n im Nebelregen,
konnt‘ das Ufer nicht mehr sehen,
versucht umsonst mit Gottes Segen
sich zu retten, konnt‘ nicht mehr stehen.

Endlich sieht er ein kleines Licht,
auf einem winzig‘ Insel Land,
sein Leben fast im Kampf zerbricht,
um diesen kleinen Inselstrand.

Er steigt hinauf zum Haus des Lichts,
bei Čelice am Küstenrand,
Betet, Gott verbietet nichts,
in Dankbarkeit, dass Gott ihn fand.

Lebt jetzt sein langes Leben,
Dankbar, Demut rein
mit Glücksfrau, die ihm gegeben;
So solltet ihr es alle sein.

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