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Red Rocks of Hvar Island

The Red Rocks of Hvar Island are a stunning geological formation that hold both scientific and mystical significance. These distinctive red cliffs are made of a type of sedimentary rock called dolomite, which was formed millions of years ago in shallow marine environments.

Scientifically, the Red Rocks of Hvar Island offer a fascinating glimpse into the geological history of the region. The rocks are rich in fossils, including ancient corals, sponges, and other marine organisms. Studying these fossils can help scientists understand the evolution of life on earth and the environmental conditions that existed millions of years ago.

But the Red Rocks of Hvar Island also have a mystical quality that has fascinated locals and visitors for centuries. According to local folklore, the rocks are imbued with a powerful energy that can heal and restore the body and mind. Many people come to the Red Rocks to meditate or practice yoga, believing that the energy of the rocks can help them achieve a state of spiritual enlightenment.

In addition to their scientific and mystical significance, the Red Rocks of Hvar Island also have important ecological importance. The surrounding waters are home to a diverse array of marine life, including colorful fish, octopuses, and sea turtles. Protecting the Red Rocks and their surrounding ecosystem is essential for preserving the biodiversity of the region for future generations.

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Red Rocks of Hvar Island

Reddish like the Morning Sun,
mighty as God Mars,
Caves inherently are born,
many Rocks with Scars.

Fifteen Meters over Shore
from the Red Rocks golden Stripes,
the Song you might perhaps adore,
sing the biggest Organ-Pipes.

The Song, which Sailors hear
is like their lovely Wives,
but Boats who came to near,
many lost their Lives.

Sirens played the Organ’s Sound,
fatal for many Men,
sitting at the Ocean Ground
to tempt the Men they can.

Be careful at the reddish Rocks,
be mindful if you’re there,
You may never leave,
Sirens are everywhere.

Die Roten Klippen der Insel Hvar

Rötlich wie ein Morgenstern,
Mächtig wie Gott Mars,
den Fels hat die Natur sehr gern,
die Narbe in der Klippe war’s.
Fünfzehn Meter über’m Pegel,
des Felsen roter, gold’ner Streifen,
vielleicht ein Lied vom Meerestegel,
spielen die grossen Orgelpfeifen.
Das Lied, dass die Matrosen hören
wie von der schönen Ehefrau,
Boote, die dort nicht hingehören, 
viele verlor’n ihr Leben rauh.
Sirenen orgeln jenen Klang,
fatal für den Boots-Edelmann,
halten am Meeresgrund Gesang,
der jeden Mann verführen kann.
 Sei vorsichtig beim Felsen,
 aufmerksam, wenn Du dort bist,
 sonst wirst ihn nie verlassen,
 Sirenen betören dort mit List.

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