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The Church of Our Lady of Prizidnice on Čiovo Island,

Situated on the Čiovo Island in Croatia, the Church of Our Lady of Prizidnice holds a fascinating true story and a rich historical background. Dating back to the 16th century, the church was founded by a hermit named Ivan Draganić. Seeking solitude and spiritual enlightenment, he chose the remote cliffs of Prizidnice as his dwelling place. Over time, other hermits joined him, and a monastic community began to form. These devout men devoted their lives to prayer, contemplation, and self-sufficiency. They constructed a modest chapel and a complex of cells and living quarters, using local stone and their own hands. The austere lifestyle and the serene natural surroundings of Prizidnice allowed them to pursue a deeper connection with God.

Throughout the centuries, the Church of Our Lady of Prizidnice underwent various renovations and expansions. The hermitage grew to include a bell tower, a dining room, and additional living spaces. The hermits‘ commitment to their spiritual journey and their simple way of life attracted pilgrims and visitors seeking solace and guidance. Today, the church stands as a testament to the faith and devotion of those early hermits. Its picturesque location, perched on a cliffside overlooking the Adriatic Sea, adds to its allure. Visitors can explore the well-preserved hermit cells, admire the beautiful icon of Our Lady of Prizidnice, and bask in the peaceful ambiance that emanates from this sacred place.

Beyond its spiritual significance, the church stands out for its remarkable architecture. Perched on the south-east side of Čiovo, it offers breathtaking views of the azure Adriatic Sea, enhancing the serene atmosphere that envelops this sacred space.

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Our Lady
of Prizidnice

Never I’ve been there,
tempted I will stay;
How She came,
I don’t know where,
I feel I chose Her Way
without any Shame.

Compassionate and sharing
all loving here around
tolerant and meek
She is humble caring
the Name of God in Sound
unknowingly we seek.

Immortal Supreme Consciousness
far away from Heaven Hell
this Joy and Bliss we miss
to this Love we shall confess
nothing more she wants to tell
and embrace us with Her Kiss.

In Heaven and beyond
in Love and Sweetness rolls
in the Shadow of Her Feet
diving in the Nectar Pond
the One She lovely calls
the One She blessed indeed.

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