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1500 Year old Olive Tree in Kaštel Štafilić

Experience the thrill of a speedboat ride to Kaštel Štafilić and marvel at the ancient Olive Tree, a symbol of longevity and resilience, in all its majesty.
The Mastrinka (Olea oleaster) Olive Tree in Kaštel Štafilić, Croatia, is more than 1500 years old and it belongs to our priceless natural heritage. The experts say that the olive could have been brought form the south of Italy or from Greece. In the ancient times, Dalmatia was an important agricultural area and it was full of Roman villas. This land was in possession of a war veteran and it is most likely that the seed of this olive tree was brought by him. Its beauty, size and age make it spectacular. The tree is 11 meters high, with a radius of 23 meters. It has no main roots, but a root system that has developed in a space of 100 m. The trunk is dry and hollow, but over the years around it new branches and shoots have grown. Thanks to mild climate and the care of locals, it has survived to this day. It witnesses that the processing and cultivation of olive trees in Kaštela has taken place since ancient times. The oil obtained from the tree is sold as a souvenir in small bottles in the town museum, in Kaštela. In 1990, the tree was officially inducted into UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

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The Ancient Olive Tree Mastrinka in Kastela Stafilic

Ocean Green and Smaragd Gold,
an ancient Tree nearby the Sea,
more as 1000 years, so old,
a Beauty with no Boundary;

A Fairy and a Tale,
the Olive Tree of Štafilić
has much, much more to tell.

Listen and sit close,
Listen, hear and see
the story of the oldest Soul,
is very, very dear to me.

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