Aqua Delfina

Sandy Beach Šipova on Šolta Island

The Sandy Beach Šipova on Šolta Island is a place where the veil between our world and the mystical realm is said to be thin. Legend has it that the beach is home to ancient mermaids who once roamed the seas in search of true love.

This Beach on Šolta holds a mystical aura that captivates all who visit. It is said that the beach holds an energy that can be felt in the sand and the water, a presence that is both ancient and powerful. Legend has it that the beach is home to a hidden underwater cave, where a powerful force is said to reside. Those who are able to tap into this force are said to be granted clarity of thought and enhanced intuition.

Many who have visited the beach have reported feeling a sense of deep peace and serenity, as if they are communing with something greater than themselves. Some even claim to have witnessed supernatural occurrences, such as strange lights or whispers on the wind. But whether or not you believe in the mystical energy of the Sandy Beach Šipova on Šolta Island, there is no denying that it is a truly breathtaking and awe-inspiring place that holds a special place in the hearts of all who visit.

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On the Sand of Sipova Beach

A Dwarf once there he dug for Gold,
he didn’t found as he’s been told;
He crippled much as he got old,
but kept hold and sold the Mold.
So rich he bought the sandy Land,
at the Island  at its End;
Peaceful – silent Nature’s Hand;
He handy healed on his Beach Sand.
He looked soon like a noble King,
in his Joy he starts to sing,
great Destiny would also bring,
his Angel with a golden Wing.
One day there a stormy Night,
They stayed together Side by Side;
She stood next bravely at his Right,
and shields him with her Wing and Light.
Some days after shined the Sun,
more as before the Threat begun;
Then they had their merry Fun;
Life’s Résumé starts now its Run.
Lived happily one thousand Years,
and whispered daily in their Ears,
gone were all the worldly Fears,
in Love they wept their lovely Tears.

Am Sand vom Sipova Strand

Ein Zwerg grub nach dem Goldmetall,
Nicht fündig war’s in jedem Fall;
Gesundheit wurd‘ zu Rauch und Schall,
Verkaufte Erd‘ füllt Beutel prall.
So reich kauft‘ er das sand’ge Land,
am Insel Ende lag sein Strand;
Natur hielt es in stiller Hand;
Gesundheit er am Sandstrand fand.
Wie ein edler Königssohn,
er singt mit Freud‘ in schönem Ton;
das Schicksalsglück wird bald sein Lohn,
sein Engel kam nun sehr bald schon.
Eines Tages, eine Sturmnacht,
hat sie zusammen schnell gebracht,
sie schirmt ihn tapfer mit Bedacht,
mit goldnem Flügel, Licht und Macht.
Drei Tag‘ danach strahlt Sonnenschein,
mehr als zu Beginn so muss es sein
Sie hatten Freud und Spass im Hain;
Ihr Résumé war gar sehr fein.
Lebten sehr glücklich 1000 Jahr‘,
flüstern sich gern ins Ohr durch’s Haar,
weit weg war alle Angst sogar,
Glückstränen weint das Liebespaar.

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