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Blue Cave of Biševo Island

The Blue Cave, also known as Modra špilja, is a natural wonder located on the island of Biševo near Vis Island, Croatia. It was first discovered in 1884 by a fisherman and has since become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. The cave is known for its mesmerizing blue light that illuminates the water, creating a magical and surreal atmosphere. The blue light is the result of sunlight reflecting off the white sandy bottom of the cave and bouncing back up to the surface.

Once inside, the cave opens up to a larger chamber that is about 10 meters high and 24 meters long. The water is so clear and blue that visitors can see all the way down to the bottom of the cave.

Despite its popularity, the Blue Cave still holds many mysteries. Some believe that the cave was once used by pirates as a hideout, while others believe that it was used as a sacred place by ancient civilizations. The exact origins of the cave remain unknown, adding to its allure and mystique.

Despite its relatively small size, the Blue Cave is a must-see destination for anyone traveling to Croatia. Its stunning beauty and intriguing history make it a true wonder of the world.

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Blue Cave of Bisevo Island

Since a story made its Rounds
of Dragons, Fairy-tales,
quite unbelievable it sounds,
about a Queen – She wails.

The Dragon Queen of Hvar bereft,
She lost her child in Pain,
Bad Witches  cursed with occult Craft,
and bound the Dragons all in Chain.

She grieved for Centuries and Years;
lost any Sense for Life,
shared Rivers full of bloody Tears,
gave up her Duties as a Wife.

Loosing her Mind she feared,
crying till the Moon turned Red,
until three Wise appeared
to free her from the Death in Bed.

Blue Dragons of the Queen,
who escaped the evil Chain,
on Vis-Island had been seen,
light-sparkling in the Rain.

They entered all the lovely Cave,
to ease the Hurt and Grief,
Meditating, keeping save
and they did not leave.

So the Dragons stayed,
and „blued-up“ the Cave;
Even all got freed,
no one stayed a Slave.

The Dragons whizz around,
you can watch them still,
free, no longer bound,
relieved with Supreme Will.

The Queen forgot, forgave
released from Pain and Plight;
but shares a heartly Wave
the Loving from the Light.

Die Blaue Höhle der Insel Bisevo

Die Sage, welch‘ die Runde macht
von einer Drachen-Hexen Mär,
ganz unglaublich und unbedacht,
der Königin – Sie jammert sehr.

Die Drachenkönigin von Hvar,
Sie verlor im Schmerz ihr Kind,
durch böses Hexenhandwerk gar,
die Drachen dann in Ketten sind.

Sie trauert hunderte von Jahren;
Jeder Sinn für’s Leben ging,
bis Flüsse voller Tränen waren,
und ihre Pflicht am Faden hing.

Sie fürchtete um den Verstand
der Mond wurde vom Weinen rot,
bis Weise reichten ihr die Hand,
befreiten sie von Bett und Tod.

Blaue Drachen, sie verstehen
den Ketten zu entkommen;
war’n auf der Insel Vis gesehen,
im Regen funkelnd und benommen.

In dieser Höhle, die sie lieben,
um Trauer, Schmerz zu lindern,
meditieren sie und blieben
und waren nicht daran zu hindern.

Die Höhle wurde „blau gefärbt“,
denn die Drachen blieben,
versklavt zu sein ist nicht gererbt,
befreit sind ihre Lieben.

Die Drachen flitzen wild umher,
und du kannst sie sehen,
frei, ungebunden über’s Meer,
der Herrgott kann’s verstehen.

Befreit von Not und Schmerz,
die Königin vergaß, vergibt;
schickt eine Welle durch ihr Herz,
der Liebe Licht geliebt.

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