Aqua Delfina

7 Island Experience Tour

The voyage of time and tales, where the whispers of the sea reveal the hidden wonders of the Adriatic’s embrace. Join us on a Aqua Delfina boat tour that will transport you to a realm where history, beauty, and serenity converge.*

Our odyssey begins at the Shipwreck at Šolta Island, a haunting relic of the past. Listen to the echoes of mariners long gone as you behold the timeworn vessel resting upon the shore, a testament to the unforgiving power of the sea.

Next, we set course for the Blue Cave on Biševo Island, where nature paints a masterpiece in shades of cerulean. Step into a realm of ethereal beauty as sunlight dances upon the water, illuminating the cave’s depths in a mesmerizing display.

As our journey continues, we arrive at Stiniva Cove on Vis Island, a secluded haven embraced by towering cliffs. Feel the rhythm of tranquility as you immerse yourself in the crystalline waters, shielded from the outside world by nature’s protective embrace.

The Green Cave on Ravnik Island beckons, an emerald sanctuary where the whispers of ancient tales still linger. Venture inside this mystical realm and be captivated by the play of light and shadow, as nature unveils its hidden secrets.

Our journey wouldn’t be perfect without a visit of the Mlini Beach on Vis Island, a place where traditions and simplicity intertwine combined with a wonderful view. Experience the warmth of local hospitality as you savor freshly caught delicacies, taste of the sea’s bountiful gifts.

Then, prepare to be enchanted by the allure of the Blue Lagoon of Budikovac Island. Dive into its turquoise depths, where time seems to stand still amidst the pristine beauty. Let the tranquility of this idyllic paradise wash over your soul.

Afterwards, we set anchor at the picturesque, swimming and snorkeling paradise Taršče Bay by Sveti Klement on  the Paklini Islands, a stretch out where the sun’s golden kisses caress your skin. Relax, unwind, and embrace the pure bliss that surrounds you.

Finally we arrive in the Town Hvar on Hvar Island and we can embarked on a delightful afternoon stroll. Meandering through narrow alleys, discover charming local shops and cafes. The picturesque promenade led to the ancient Fortress „Spanjola“, which stands as a testament to the island’s rich history. Built during the 13th century by the Venetians and offering panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea. A perfect blend of history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes awaited at every turn.

This boat tour is a symphony of history, beauty, and serenity. Let the poetry of the sea guide you through these extraordinary destinations, where time stands still and the echoes of the past blend with the beauty of the present. Surrender to the enchantment and let the Adriatic’s embrace captivate your heart.

Note: *The Boat Tour’s Course- and Destination Directions are changeable by the Captain!

  • Tour Description

    Picking you up from your preferred starting point (if possible) and bringing you back at the end of the Tour; Eventual Changes and adjustments of the boat course are possible.

  • Tour Duration

    About 9 hours

  • Price

    € 695.- for maximum 6 Persons; Entry Fees for the Caves and the Hvar Fortress, SUP (Stand up paddling Boats), Snorkel Equipment, Drinks and Foodstuff Supply are not in the Price included. Skipper, Fuel and Tax/Vat are in the Price included.

  • Restaurant

    During the Tour there will be a Stop at an eloquent Restaurant or Konoba

All Bookings can only be canceled and refunded up to 21 days before the booking date.
Booking Changes can only be heard up to 3 full days before the booking date for an upcoming, available date.

Bad Weather Refund: 100% Refund of Money  by Cancellation from Aqua Delfina confirmed by the competent Authorities (Maritime Meteorological Center and Harbor Master’s Office in Split/Croatia), if another suitable Day for the Tour is not possible or available.

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