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Green Cave of Ravnik Island by Vis Island

The Green Cave, also known as Zelena špilja, is a natural wonder located on the Ravnik Island, near the island of Vis, Croatia. It is a unique cave that gets its name from the emerald green light that reflects off the water, creating a mesmerizing and enchanting atmosphere.

The cave was created over millions of years by the constant pounding of waves against the limestone rock. Its entrance is located just above the water level and visitors can access it by boat. Once inside, the cave opens up to a larger chamber that is about 20 meters high and 15 meters wide. The water is so clear that visitors can see all the way down to the bottom of the cave, where they can spot schools of fish and other marine life.

The Green Cave is not only known for its stunning beauty but also for the mystery that surrounds it. Legend has it that the cave was once a secret hideout for smugglers and pirates who would stash their loot inside. Others believe that the cave was used by ancient civilizations for secret ceremonies and rituals.

Despite its remote location, the Green Cave has become a popular destination for tourists visiting Croatia. Its unique beauty and mysterious history make it an exciting destination for anyone who loves nature and adventure.v


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Green Cave of Ravnik Island

Emeralda whitey Witch,
she was so beautiful and sweet,
and lived along by Vis,
had everything – no Need.

The Prince – he came one single Day,
begs: „Beauty come with me!“
He wanted her to take a away
her easy Living at the Sea.

„I will come, if you swim brave,
to Ravnik Island back and forth,
to there is a certain Cave,
which to visit has its worth.

Bring me a Stone which shines Green;
Bring It soon and I will shine,
as your Bride I promise keen,
then you can call me mine.“

So the Prince begun and swam,
in the Middle he would sink;
Beauty saves, and needs to come,
the Man, who didn’t really think.

She brought him in this Cave
and kissed him to wake up;
He received a lively wave
and found her too – with Luck.

He risked his life for her,
She married, cause he dared,
She married, cause she loved,
How he was brave and cared.

They lived together nearby the Cave,
which shined so green, because of Life, His Love …..
and the Beauty of his Wife.

Die Grüne Grotte der Insel Ravnik

Emeralda Hexenbraut,
sie war so schön und süß,
hatt‘ sich alles selbst gebaut
und lebte gern‘ auf Vis.

Bis eines Tages der Prinz kam,
fleht: „Schönheit komm mit mir!“
Er wollte Sie und nahm
ihr Leben fort von hier.

„Wenn du schwimmst zu jenem Ort,
zur Insel Ravnik hin und her,
gibt es eine Höhle dort,
sie zu besuchen lohnt sich sehr.

Bring einen Stein mit grünem Glanz,
bring ihn bald und ich werd seh’n,
als Braut versprech‘ ich dir den Tanz,
werd‘ neben Dir im Leben stehn.“

So der Prinz er schwamm sodann,
in der Mitte würd‘ er sinken;
Die Schönheit rettet diesen Mann,
sonst würde er ertrinken.

Sie bracht‘ ihn in das Höhlenreich
und küsste ihn verrückt,
erlangte so sein Leben gleich,
und fand sie so beglückt.

Er riskiert sein Leben;
Sie heiratet, da er es wagte,
weil sie erlebte eben
wie er mutig war und fragte.

Sie lebten bei dem Höhlenbau,
es lässt sie grün erscheinen;
durch die Schönheit seiner Frau
seine Liebe war im Reinen

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