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Shipwreck of Kontesa at Šolta Island

The Shipwreck of Kontesa by Nečujam on Šolta Island is not only a popular attraction but also a fascinating piece of history. The ship was built in 1943 and served as a cargo vessel during World War II. After the war, it was sold and converted into a passenger ship, carrying tourists along the Croatian coast. Its sinking in the 1980s was due to a storm, and fortunately, all passengers and crew members were rescued safely. Today, the Shipwreck of Kontesa serves as a reminder of the island’s rich maritime history and provides a unique opportunity for visitors to explore and learn about underwater ecosystems. Over the years, the sunken ship has become a habitat for a wide range of marine life, including colorful fish, octopuses, crabs, and sea anemones. The wreck in the shallow waters of the majestic dalmatian sea has also become a magical spot for scuba diving and snorkeling.

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The Shipwreck Kontesa of Solta Island

A Mermaid from the Šolta Sea
likes to play and dive,
in the Bay of Nečujam,
she found her Love and Life;

Lives down in a wooden Boat,
which drowned for many Years,
became the Home for many,
many Eyes and Ears.

Crabs and Shells and Fish,
so beautiful to watch around,
the Shipwreck called Kontesa,
they found in shallow Water’s Ground.

Name and also Fame,
all will fade away;
The Fairy-Maid of Šolta,
she with Friends will stay;

Das Schiffs-Wrack Kontesa der Insel Solta

In der Bucht von Nečujam,
die Jungfer aus dem Šolta Meer,
mag spielen und auch tauchen,
fand Liebe und ihr Leben sehr;

Lebt unten dann in einem Kahn,
der vor manchem Jahr ertrank,
wurd‘ für viele dort zum Heim,
für Aug‘ und Ohr der Meeresbank.

Krabben, Muscheln, Fisch,
so schön anzuseh’n,
das Schiffswrack heißt Kontesa,
es blieb im seichten Wasser steh’n.

Name und auch Ruhm,
alles wird verblassen;
die Feenjungfrau von Šolta
und Freunde werden’s nicht verlassen;

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