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3 Island Snorkel Diving Excursion Tour

A boat trip is a fantastic way to discover the secrets of the Adriatic Sea, and this Snorkel Diving Tour is the perfect way to explore some of the very fascinating underwater locations in the Dalmatia Sea.*

The tour takes you to the Underwater Red Rocks by Our Lady of Prizinice, situated at the south-side of Čiovo Island. Here, the crystal-clear waters provide the perfect opportunity for snorkeling and diving. The tranquil surroundings make snorkeling in the tiny Canyon there quite unforgettable. Explore the vibrant world beneath the surface and snorkel dive by the striking Red Rocks of Čiovo Island. Discover a unique underwater experience and encounter a diverse array of marine life in their natural habitat.

The tour continues with a visit to the Shipwreck of Kontesa, located by Nečujam on Šolta Island. This remarkable site offers the chance to see the remains of an old shipwreck that has been resting on the seabed for years. As you explore the shipwreck, you’ll be amazed by the variety of marine life that now calls it home.

As next, Immerse yourself in the thrill of snorkel diving at Taršče Bay, nestled by the captivating Paklini Islands. Dive into a world of awe-inspiring beauty, where vibrant reefs, exotic marine life, and crystal-clear waters create an exhilarating adventure that will leave you breathless.

Dive into the Dalmatian Sea’s embrace, where snorkeling unveils a world of vivid hues. Encounter mesmerizing underwater gardens, graceful sea creatures, and a symphony of life beneath the shimmering surface.

Note: *The Boat Tour’s Course- and Destination Directions are changeable by the Captain!

  • Tour Description

    Picking you up from your preferred starting point (if possible) and bringing you back at the end of the Tour; Eventual Changes and adjustments of the boat course are possible.

  • Tour Duration

    About 6 hours

  • Price

    € 465.- for maximum 6 Persons; SUP (Stand up paddling Boats), Drinks and Foodstuff Supply are not in the Price included. 6 Snorkel Equipment, Skipper, Fuel and Tax/Vat are in the Price included.

  • Restaurant

    During the Tour there will be a Stop at an eloquent Restaurant or Konoba

All Bookings can only be canceled and refunded up to 21 days before the booking date.
Booking Changes can only be heard up to 3 full days before the booking date for an upcoming, available date.

Bad Weather Refund: 100% Refund of Money  by Cancellation from Aqua Delfina confirmed by the competent Authorities (Maritime Meteorological Center and Harbor Master’s Office in Split/Croatia), if another suitable Day for the Tour is not possible or available.

The Under-Waterworld of Thousand Sea Urchins

Fishes blue and green,
Seashells, one by one; 
Lobsters had been seen,
already they are gone.
Little Riffs with Corals, 
Medusas, wand’ring Seastars,
looring Crabs in Cave Portals
move like Underwater-Cars.
A Beauty which may bribe,
the Sun is shining through,
Seahorses in their Tribe,
everything around is Blue.
It’s own gigantic Galaxy,
beyond our Dimension;
Dolphins‘ singing in the Sea,
just one Thing to mention.
Floating then in liquid Salt , 
winding like an Eel,
get through without a Fault,
gliding like a Seal;
This Dream is too fantastic,
glowing in the Heart,
to dive down deep is very drastic,
to be now of this World a Part.
It’s Time to take a Risk,
sometimes a crime, if we don’t do,
till we arise then from the Disk,
and make the Dream come true.
Diving is the driving Passion,
cause it blows the Mind away,
not an Old Man’s fancy Fashion,
it slowly shows another Way.

Die Unter-Wasserwelt der Tausend Seeigel

Fische blau und grün,
Muscheln, eine nach der andren;
Gesehen wurden Hummer – kühn, 
nur bis sie weiter wandern.
Kleinriffs mit Korallen,
Medusen und Seesterne,
Krabben in Höhlenportalen
bewegen sich wie Autos gerne.
Schönheit die bestechen kann,
scheinende Sonnenschau,
Seepferdchen im eignen Stamm,
alles drum herum ist Blau.
Die gigantisch eigne Galaxie,
Jenseits unsrer Dimension;
Delfine singen im Meer wie nie,
man sollte dies erwähnen schon.
Wie in flüssig‘ Salze schwebend,
gewunden wie ein Aal,
ohne Fehler sich erhebend,
gleitend wie der Wal;
Dieser Traum ist zu fantastisch,
er erglüht im Herzensschein,
tief zu tauchen ist sehr drastisch,
um Teil jener Welt zu sein.
Risiko ist an der Zeit,
wär‘ ein Verbrechen s’nicht zu tun,
erhebt euch von Bequemlichkeit,
lasst jenen Traum wahr werden nun.
Tauchen, treibend‘ Leidenschaft,
weil’s den Verstand wegblasen tut,
nicht Mode alter Manneskraft,
zeigt einen andren Weg zu gut.


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