Aqua Delfina

Adriatic Summer Sunset Adventure to the lonely, little Light House of Čelice Island

Please, join an exquisite boat ride for watching an impressing summer sunset by the lonely, little Light House on Čelice Island. As the sun descended over the Dalmatian Sea, casting its warm embrace upon Čelice Island, you might find ourselves captivated by an intoxicating summer sunset at the lighthouse. Its silhouette framed against the vibrant sky, indulged in the breathtaking view. The colors of the sea, the firmament and the setting Sun dance and intertwine, painting a seductive masterpiece in romantic love with the Adriatic Nature.

  • Tour Description

    Picking you up from your preferred starting point (if possible) and bringing you back at the end of the Tour; Eventual Changes and adjustments of the boat course are possible.

  • Tour Duration

    About 2 hours

  • Special Price:

    € 225.- for maximum 6 Persons; SUP (Stand up paddling Boats), Snorkel Equipment, Drinks and Foodstuff Supply are not in the Price included. Skipper, Fuel and Tax/Vat are in the Price included.

All Bookings can only be canceled and refunded up to 21 days before the booking date.
Booking Changes can only be heard up to 3 full days before the booking date for an upcoming, available date.

Bad Weather Refund: 100% Refund of Money  by Cancellation from Aqua Delfina confirmed by the competent Authorities (Maritime Meteorological Center and Harbor Master’s Office in Split/Croatia), if another suitable Day for the Tour is not possible or available.

The Cosmic Dolphin

In our Firmament
from very, very far,
quickly evening Sun just went
before the Sea of Star;

In God’s Cosmic Sky,
dark shining Blue till Black;
The North Star of the World gleams shy,
falls from the Way of Milky’s track;

.. drops from the Breast of Mother’s,
shapes an universal Tail-Fin,
engaging all the Lust of Brothers
in the Dancing Cosmic Dolphin.

Turning from the Left to Right
Seven Stars shine on his Hips,
Milk-Galaxy on Belly’s Side
and Mars glides on his Lips.

28 Star Constellations,
the planetary Orbit, too,
glow from far in Patience,
to guide now me and you.

All is Right in all three Worlds,
even we can’t see,
the String through many Pearls,
stays hidden yet for you and me.

Der Kosmische Delfin

In unser’m Firmament
von sehr, sehr weit einher,
die Abendsonne rennt
vor dem Sternenmeer;

In Gottes Himmelszelt,
dunkel leuchtend schwarz bis blau;
Es glänzt der Nordstern in der Welt,
fällt ab von dem Milchstraßenbau;

.. tropft von der Mutter’s Brust
formt einen Flossenschwanz,
beschäftigt seiner Brüder’s Lust                        im kosmischen Delfinentanz.

Dreht von links nach rechts hinfort;
Sieben Stern‘ an seiner Seite ,
Milchstraße auf dem Bauche dort
und Mars auf seinen Lippen gleite.

28 Himmelsstern‘,
auch die Planetenbahn,
weitglühend in Geduld ab fern,
führen dich und mich wohlan.

In all‘ drei Welten keine Sorgen,
selbst wenn wir’s nicht sehen tun,
die Perlenschnur bleibt noch verborgen,
auch für dich und mich mal nun.

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